The Executive Board is the executive body of the Croatian National Committee for WPC, which consists of the president, two to three vice presidents, and the members that are elected by the Assembly for the mandate of four years.


The Executive Board conducts its work at the meetings convened by the President of the Croatian National Committee. The Secretary makes minutes at each meeting. The minutes are filed and kept at the Association’s registered office.


According to the Statute, among other things, the Executive Board carries out the following activities:


- implements the resolutions made by the Assembly (AGM);

- decides about recruiting new members and  delisting of members that for various reasons ceased to be active in the Association

- makes decisions about the location of the registered office

- determines the amount of dues for physical and legal persons

- determines the remuneration of the administrative staff

- makes decision on convening the assembly meeting upon President’s proposal and coordinates the topics to be discussed and covered by relevant resolutions

- carries out all other activities within Assembly’s responsibility that can’t be postponed.


Marijan Krpan


The President of the Croatian National Committee for WPC carries out executive and other activities together with the Executive Board in accordance with the Statute. The President is elected by the Assembly for the four-year mandate.


The President represents the Association toward third parties, represents the National Committee in the World Petroleum Council and its bodies, summons and conducts the Executive Board meetings and performs other activities in accordance with the Statute.


Supervisory Board of the Croatian National Committee for WPC supervises financial activities of the Association, overviews financial reports and accompanying attachments which describe financial operations, monitors the work of other governing bodies and submits a written report about its findings to the Assembly.


Milena Herold


Among other activities, the secretary is a liaison person for all communications with the World Petroleum Council; he/she is in continuous communication with the WPC regarding annual meetings, conferences, the Congress and other events; receives information about administrative issues or constitution changes within WPC and transfers such information to the members of the Croatian National Committee.


The secretary keeps updated register of the members, prepares written invitations for the meetings  of the Executive Board, Assembly and the Supervisory Board,  including the minutes of the meetings and their filing; also, the secretary carries out all other administrative tasks.




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