Croatian National Committee is dedicated to the achievement of the following goals:


• Development, advancement and exchange of knowledge among Croatian experts in order to promote best practices in production, management and consumption of energy;


• Transfer of information and knowledge to Croatian experts about new achievements of international  oil, gas and energy industries in the area of technology, innovative solutions in hydrocarbons exploration, production and processing, new forms of energy generation and consumption, gathered through participation in the World Petroleum Congress, distribution of brochures and various publications issued by the WPC;


• Presenting of knowledge and experience of Croatian experts through their participation in the World Petroleum Congresses in the role of paper presenters, chairs or co-chairs of expert Forums dealing with the topics included in the Congress Programme;


• Providing incentives for expert discussions that can contribute to finding appropriate solutions on various issues in the energy sector and to assist government institutions in decision making;


• The most important objective of the Croatian National Committee is to ensure access to available knowledge for the creation of optimal energy strategy of the Republic of Croatia to the benefit of all stakeholders.




The association works through its governing bodies: Assembly, Executive Board and Supervisory Board. The Executive Board is the executive body that makes operating decisions, conducts discussions on the various issues important for the Croatian energy sector, proposes the programme of activities, prepares reports and carries out other activities. The members of the Executive Board are the representatives of the legal entities, the members of the Croatian National Committee for WPC, the President and the Secretary of the association.


Among other, the activities include:


• Informing our members about WPC activities, World Petroleum Congress programme, preparations for the Congress, Call for Papers submitted to National Committees according to the Programme; after submission of paper titles and abstracts, the WPC Programme Committee selects the most interesting and innovative papers or poster presentations to be presented in a respective Forum. Also, National Committees are entitled to candidate its member(s) as Chairs, Vice Chairs or Co-Chairs of an Expert Forum during the Congress. The National Committee coordinates all activities from proposing  the candidate, his/her appointment (if any), up to final registration and participation in the Congress.

Until now, the members of the Croatian National Committee have taken part in the Congresses in the role of paper presenters, chairs and vice chairs in different Forums.


• Preparation of comprehensive reports on WPC meetings or regional expert meetings.


• Informing our members on WPC’s publishing activities. Until today the WPC published several books covering important segments of oil and gas industry – World Petroleum Council Guides. The books are very informative, written for wider public in order to provide essential information about the topic.

We have already distributed some of the received copies to our members.  The following titles are still available at our office:  Unconventional Oil, Unconventional Gas, Water Management, Arctic Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Refining, Biofuels  and Careers in Oil and Gas.


• Since its establishment, the Croatian National Committee published the scientific magazine Nafta (Oil)  in cooperation with the Scientific Council for Petroleum of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The publication of the Nafta magazine dates back to the 1950s when it was the only such magazine in the field of oil and gas exploration and production. It was a reliable source of knowledge to several generations of engineers and technicians working in the industry, but also an opportunity for post graduate students and scientists to publish their papers and articles, which helped them in their academic careers.

The last Nafta issue was published in 2015. Due to financing problems and lack of subscription fee, the Executive Board of the National Committee passed the decision on temporary suspension of this publishing activity, however, allowing the possibility to renew the publication in case circumstances change for the better.


• Croatian National Committee cooperates with other similar associations operating in the field oil and gas industry and energy sector such as: Croatian Association of Petroleum Engineers and Geologists (HUNIG), Croatian Energy Association (HED),  Croatian Gas Association (HSUP), Students Chapter of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and since 2017 also with the Croatian Engineering Association. The cooperation is reflected in co-organizing conferences, presentation of papers or speeches, participation in round tables and discussions on relevant topics.


• Croatian National Committee for WPC proposes and provides assistance in preparation of laws and regulations in the area of oil and gas industry.  For example, expert assistance was provided to regulatory bodies for the amendment of previous mining law when the first hydrocarbons act was proposed and adopted later on.




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