Croatian National Committee for World Petroleum Council  - abbreviated title in Croatian is HNK SVNP -  was established and registered in 1992. It is a professional, non-profit , non-governmental association joined voluntarily by professionals and experts that have worked in the field of oil and gas exploration and production, transport and storage of oil and gas, geothermal energy and other forms of energy, in companies, research institutes, universities and academia.


According to the Statute main goals of the association are:


- • Organizing and bringing together experts and scientists with different expertise and specialities, that have been working in oil, gas and other energy companies, scientific or government institutions in order to incentivise development and creative initiatives in the energy sector and to enhance advances in science and technology,


- • Participation in the work of the World Petroleum Council and its expert bodies in order to promote the Republic of Croatia abroad and acquaint international partners with the achievements of Croatian experts and companies in the area of science and technology; and to transfer foreign experiences and achievements to Croatian entities.


As Croatian National Committee is a member of the World Petroleum Council, its activities are carried out both within the country and internationally through participation in the events organized by the WPC.  In addition, in the recent years, we have seen great progress in the regional cooperation among National Committees of neighbouring countries.


How to become a member of the Croatian National Committee for WPC


Members of the Croatian National Committee are acknowledged professionals and experts and legal entities engaged in oil and gas business and other segments of the Croatian energy sector.

Any eligible candidate wishing to join the Croatian National Committee can become the member by signing the Accession Form and by doing so he/she accepts the rights and liabilities of the membership in the association. In some cases, a legal entity may sign an agreement regulating their membership and participation in the work of the Croatian National Committee. The Accession Form is prepared by the Secretary.

Key Messages from the 22nd World Petroleum Congress

Today’s world is undergoing a global shift with dramatic political, economic and industrial changes; the world population is increasing, and oil prices remain volatile. All these movements have significant and longterm impact on energy requirements and the global petroleum industry. Demand for oil and gas continues to rise (albeit unevenly in different parts of the world), and it is certain that these sources of primary energy will make up the largest share in the energy mix, along with the growing share of renewable sources.

Oil industry must cooperate with all stakeholders: governments, other participants in the energy sector, academia and society, to build the bridges to a sustainable energy future for all. Therefore, partnerships, technical innovations, but also global policies for energy efficiency, low carbon solutions, infrastructure development and continuing investments are necessary in order to supply sufficient energy for our future in a reliable, secure, affordable manner.

The theme of the 22nd World Petroleum Congress was Bridges to Our Energy Future. Turkey as the  host of the event, emphasized its position of a transit country and the bridge between Europe and Asia. The aim of the congress was to provide the platform for open dialogue to build bridges between consumers and producers, governments and industry, leaders and society, to address these issues through plenary sessions, round tables, papers and poster presentations, in attempt to find solutions for the sustainable production and use of energy resources.

The 22nd World Petroleum Congress held in Istanbul in July 2017 gathered a large number of representatives from the oil and gas industry, politics and the media from all around the world. Many renowned experts from various fields, CEOs from large oil and gas companies, ministries and heads of state spoke at the Congress. Some of the key messages are presented in this paper.






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